When He is No Longer In Love

What’s a girl to do when the man you are in love with, despite everything, is no longer in love with you? I must admit, its hard…you are thinking and planning one way, while the other is done with you and looking for an out. To no longer be desired, wanted for company or even sex-hurts. It is much easier when U no longer care.
It’s not easy picking up and moving on when U didn’t want to. Where will you live, will your child be upset with you for leaving-even though you are forced out?

Answers I honestly never thought Id have to answer….I would have never made the decisions I made to wind up here. I will never understand why and how people can do things behind your back without a care in the world…sometimes I wish I didn’t have a conscience and could do whats being done to me…but its not in me. The thought of another man touching me in personal intimate ways makes me sick to my stomach, no matter how much I desire to be touched, desired….loved.

My own fault though. I didn’t get into this in the best of ways so Karma is kicking my ass right now…when I look at it that way, I can accept it.
I think another part that makes it so hard was this was my family..and for that person to be smiling in my face all this time but really couldn’t stand me is a hard one to swallow. Nevertheless, I have to. I have to move on with no faith in love and what I once believed in.

So, whats a girl to do when he no longer is in love with you…what am I going to do, even though I am wrong for wanting to be in love and in a relationship, it is teased and ridiculed like its bizarre to be like we once were. The new girl has a lot over me I suppose…again Karma that I new very well would probably surface. What am I going to do…I have never been in this situation. Any break up I had was made by communicating, not waiting to be questioned a spewing out why I “no longer like you, us…I want to do me”. If I could be somewhere else, I would. Out of site out of mind helps the heart heal and move on, rather than seeing what u want but it-he just simply don’t want you.

Wow. He doesn’t want you. A stinging reality that I am learning to accept. I feel like a fool when I cry about it…you see, I wanted 2 marry this man..I was in love despite our differences, disagreements etc…he was my best friend. Now, we are roomies…not even parents..roomies occupying the same space. Him out of obligation. Me because I have no where else to go.

Painful shit. It’s like a slow death with no cure…all the while, you are the dummy because U wanted more., expected to be happy and doing what brought yall together in the first place. Instead, I am the fool caring about someone who doesn’t even come home to me anymore, for he has found “home” elsewhere.

What do you do when he no longer is in love with you? Remember who you are. Perfect? Hell no. But a good woman many think so even though he no longer
does not.

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