• Matters Of The Heart

    ABC’s The Bachelor seems like just another scripted reality show that I do not watch, however, I almost always tune into the finale’-which also often comes off as scripted, but very entertaining.

    Arie (The Bachelor) chose Becca and proposed-instead of choosing Lauren, who I thought was the obvious choice. The dramatic part came when Arie decided to change his mind…break up with Becca and choose Lauren (if she will still have him). The cameras never stopped rolling as Arie made the dramatic switch, which caused him to not only become heart breaker of the year to Becca, social media went off on him as well. In spite of that, I understood and agreed with his decision.

    Don’t get me wrong, if Arie had doubts or wasn’t sure, he should not have proposed. However, I am a firm believer in not settling and following your heart. If he had stayed with his decision, he always be one foot in, one foot out-consistently dreaming of what ‘might have been’. Would you want someone to stay with you, knowing they are in love with someone else? How can you be intimate and lay and wake up with someone who is not 100%-even 90% into you?

    Still, there are two more sides to this story…how and when do you confess to Becca-that you made a mistake?! There’s no easy way to break news such as this. Arie is going to devastate her no matter how gentle or kind he says it. Then there’s Lauren. Will she even take him back after he didn’t choose her in the first place, live on national television?? That is the risk Arie decided to take..and I can’t say I would not have done the same.

    Always, follow your heart and desires, I am known for quoting “This isn’t dress rehearsal”-we only get one time, “one shot” as Eminem would say. Many may not agree and certainly did NOT agree with Arie’s decision, but let’s not forget, he has to do what’s best for him…even if risking it all means he winds up alone.

    There is a silver lining; The Bachelor always chooses a woman for their sister reality show, The Bachelorette. It was no surprise Becca will be the chosen one, which is great because she has another chance at love. She will then be in the same position Arie once was and may find out,it not as easy as it looks. When we date, some of us choose one mate at a time while others may date up to three, but how many of us get to stand outside in a beautiful yard, and watch sexy, handsome and beautiful mate after mate hop out of a limo, all wanting to please us?

    By the way, lauren did take Arie back and so far, they are still going strong (Arie proposed to Lauren During The Bachelor finale’).Welp, as the saying goes, “All is far in love and war.”

    The next season of The Bachelorette airs on ABC, May 28th.

  • Trump …smh

    Remember when you were a kid, and someone in your class had candy? Instead of passing it out to whoever they wanted to give the candy to, they would throw it in the air and whoever caught it got to keep it? Well I was one of those kids that NEVER went in the crowd to try and “catch” the candy. I always felt like if you wanted me to have it, you would personally give it to me. I have always hated they way the kids looked – jumping on each other to get a piece and seeing the mayhem when a few went for the same piece of candy. I would also shake my head when I saw the disappointment on the faces of the kids that did not catch anything.

    Seeing Donald Trump throw the supplies to the people of Puerto Rico was not only humiliating, but disrespectful, ignorant and very, very unpresidential!! I wish no one tried to catch anything he threw out in the crowd..what was wrong with passing the supplies out like you are supposed to as any decent human being would? Oh that’s right, silly me,…we don’t have a decent President.

    I have been to many weddings and never got up during the ceremony when the bride,”throws the bouquet”; I do not attempt to catch those either.
    There’s just something about standing in a crowd and scrambling, bumping and shoving folk to catch anything other than a football or basketball, bothers me.

  • The Switch

    I will never understand why people feel the need to tell U how U need 2 be.
    If I’m not good enough as I am….why not find what “suits” U.
    How was it ok at 1 time…but now it is not.
    I do not bother anyone…let me B me.

    The minute U do as the other pressures U 2 do..they’ll complain about that 2.
    Don’t preach 1 lesson, but live another..then attack others because U unhappy with yourself.
    Let me B me.

    I will never understand how Monday I’m perfect just they way I am….but Thursday U have issue with it.
    Don’t throw darts if U aren’t willing 2 catch any back.
    I’m sure there R others like U…so choose them. Not opposite of U and complain.

    They do dirt…but pick on U because…U…don’t do the crap they do 2 U?? Guilt maybe?

    Respect goes both ways. Life is 2 short. Let the person B…or leave them alone. Always remember.. They existed B4 U came along….n someone loved them…just as they R.

    Simple right?
    I think so 2.

  • World’s Worst Mom

    angry b
    Have you ever felt like the worst mommy or daddy in the world? Well, Friday was my day.

    My 5 year old son MJ is in Kindergarten. Every morning I walk him to school and take his hat (his favorite red Angry Birds hat), thinking I’m helping him with ‘one less thing to worry about/keep track of’. So, the routine is, walk MJ to school, give him a kiss, a hug, tell him I love him & have a good day, take his hat, put it in my pocket, watch him go up the steps and enter the auditorium. When it’s time to pick MJ up, I bring his hat with me, he puts it on and we go home…I have been doing this routine all Winter, simple right?

    Friday morning was like any other morning, except about 20 minutes or so when I returned home after dropping him off, I realized MJ’s favorite Angry Birds hat was GONE!!! I frantically looked around, checked my coat pockets, the floor…no hat!! I felt a terrible sinking feeling in my stomach when I realized I must have dropped his hat on the way home when I dug in my pocket to get out my phone to check the time :(. Did I mention this is his FAVORITE hat??
    I grabbed my keys and without my jacket, ran back outside, down the drive way, retracing my steps back to MJ’s school. I found nothing!! I had to have dropped it in the school yard, and I’m sure some kid picked it up and no doubt kept it as their own..I started to run in the school and yell,
    “Hey! anyone find a Angry Birds hat this morning?” But I didn’t. I took it as a loss and walked back home..almost in tears thinking about me telling MJ that I lost his favorite hat…me, the one who takes it from him to keep it safe. Yes he has other hats, but this was the hat. His favorite 🙁 .

    So, I pick him up, with his black Philadelphia Phillies hat (with the red “P” logo), uneasy about telling MJ I lost his hat, his favorite Angry Birds hat. He runs to me with a smile and I cringe inside. After we hug I tell him how I lost his hat and tried to look for it, while putting his Phillies hat on. Mj looked at me and said,
    “That’s OK Mom.” and said nothing else about it-so far.

    …..and the award for worst Mom goes to……..
    worst mom

  • Kanye West Very Sane

    I always and still think Kanye West is an attention whore. He says just about anything for attention to keep his name in our mouths and stay relevant. His many outbursts in public lately seemed not much different.

    When I first saw Kanye West’s infamous ‘breakdown video’, I thought like many others “this guy has lost it!”
    However, the more I listened to what he was saying, the more it sounded like a cry for help and just being tired of it all..wanting to express what was REALLY going on-behind the glitz and glam. Some call it Illuminati-(the Elite in control of Hollywood and Entertainment)..selling your soul to “the devil” for fortune and fame…and if you speak against it, you either appear crazy (Dave Chapelle…Katt Williams) or die as a ‘Sacrifice’ (Michael Jackson). It (the Illuminati) can be pretty trippy once you research it and watch enough video with theories that eerily and very often makes sense.
    I’m basically saying, Kanye may be speaking against whatever been going on…crying for help. Not crazy or tripping because his mom is gone. After Kanye’s rant, he was admitted to the hospital. Some report in the psyche ward, others dispute that claim and say he is NOT being held against his will, however he is getting mental health treatment. I’m starting to think ‘they” (whoever they are) are trying to keep him quiet.

    Mandatory Credit: Photo by Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix/REX/Shutterstock (5848774ch) Kanye West and Kim Kardashian 2016 MTV VMA's at Madison Square Garden - White Carpet Arrivals, New York, USA - 28 Aug 2016
    Mandatory Credit: Photo by Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix/REX/Shutterstock (5848774ch)
    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
    2016 MTV VMA’s at Madison Square Garden – White Carpet Arrivals, New York, USA – 28 Aug 2016

    Does being with Kim Kardashian or any Kardashian for that matter, has anything to do with it? After all, just about all of the men that get involved with this family either suffer career, mental and/or health wise…….

    Regardless, I think Kanye West makes great music and hopefully whatever is going on, is worked out soon.

  • Fat On A Plane

    I’ll admit I’m a “thick” gal, however, I still can sit in a seat on the airplane pretty comfortable; but what if I couldn’t? Should I have to pay for 2 seats?

    Honestly though, I don’t like being crammed next to someone. On public transportation, that can’t really be avoided, unless you just get up and stand., but if I pay an airline for a seat, I do expect to be comfortable during my flight.

    A man named Giorgio Destro (a lawyer) flew from Cape Town to Dubai on Emirates Airlines and was seated next to an overweight man-for 9 hours! First off, a 9 hour flight is bad enough (I don’t like being on a plane anymore than 5 hours) but to not be comfortable during a 9 hour flight-I can’t even imagine. According to the article, Mr. Destro complained to Emirates Airlines, but did not get compensation or an apology.
    When you travel, especially alone, you can’t control who you sit next to. The person may smell, talk loud, have music blaring through their headphones where even you can hear it word for word, or in this case, overweight. Should overweight passengers pay for two seats, should airlines make larger seats to accommodate for larger people? If a smaller person is crammed next to someone overweight, should they be compensated or is their problem?

  • Is Age Just A Number?

    r kell
    How old is too old?
    How young is too young?
    Once you are over 30, what age is off limits?
    Is Being over 18 enough, or do you desire your mate to have more experience and maturity?
    Is Age JUST a number?

    I’m sure we remember when it comes to dating, R Kelly has always been known for going for women who were…younger. Many times too young..some even consider R Kelly to be just a tad-creepy. From R Kelly allegedly being married to the much missed singer AAliyah (he was 27, she was 15), to the infamous sex tape, where a man that looked very, very, very much like R Kelly with a minor having sex and doing….let’s just say kinky things to her…he is no stranger to the “Age is just a number” saying.

    R Kelly, now 49, is dating 19 year old Halle Calhoun. Many do not approve of the relationship because she is a teenager-although over 18, is it considered taboo?

  • Remember When

    Times have changed so much since I was a child., when I was growing up, it “took a village” to raise a child. Any adult on the block was able to reprimand you and often times, pop you if need be-and told your parents they did and why. Respecting your elders was of great importance. As a child, you spoke with a greeting: “Good Morning” or “Hello, Mr./Mrs._______”. Errands and favors were also done, no questions asked…many times with no reward.

    Most of my childhood, my summers were spent over my grandmother’s. The elders on the block had us clean the street, sweeping, picking up trash etc…and just about every day, many times more than once a day, would send us to the store. Most of today’s children?? Not only do they not feel like going to the store and let it be known, but they want something in return..and please don’t even think about sending someone else’s child! Granted, its not as safe out there today as it were when I was a child neither. We didn’t have as many concerns and fears like they have now.

    How refreshing it was to come across the story of Tyran Bell. Tyran Bell is from Wilmington, North Carolina, and 10 years old. He mows the lawns in his neighborhood to help pay for his school supplies and clothes!! Think about when it snows, you hardly see any children, not even your own, outside knocking on doors to shovel-let alone mowing any lawns or cutting hedges in the summer.
    Tyran Bell having drive and ambition at such a young age, especially during the summer when most children are thinking about spending money and having fun, speaks volumes.

  • Mad Max Ps4

    I still haven’t found a game as good as Nathan Drake’s “Uncharted” series…(although “Until Dawn” was pretty kool), so for now, I’m playing Mad Max. I rate it a 4 out of 10 so far.
    maxresdefault (1)
    The game seems like nothing but endless dummy missions..so to spice up my boredom so I don’t just quit and return the game, I gave my daughter a turn….lmao:

  • Animals Being Who They Are

    I have always loved the Zoo. Matter of fact, just went to the Philadelphia Zoo this past weekend with my 5 year old son….who I made sure was by my side the whole time.

    I never understood how or why some parents let their children room all over the place unsupervised. So many times I have been in the nail salon or mall, and saw a child wandering around, grabbing and pulling everything..then hearing:
    “Timothy??!! Timothy!!??” Uh-Timothy should be holding your hand or where you can see him.

    Last week, a 3 year old boy climbed and fell where the Gorillas lived at the Zoo in Cincinnati. The Gorilla, a 400 pound male named Harambe, grabbed the child and began dragging him through the water. On one hand, it looks horrifying. On the other hand, it looked like the Gorilla was being a Gorilla and was going to take the child away from the spectators-no one can really say what Harambe’s intentions were, because he was being and animal, is an animal and cannot tell us what he was thinking or his intentions. Either way…Harambe was being a….Gorilla!


    Sadly, Harambe was shot and killed.
    As a parent, I would want my child saved under any circumstances and initially would only care about my child and not the Gorilla. But if I was being honest with myself, wouldn’t I hold some..if not all of the responsibility of my child “falling” into the Gorillas’ dwelling? Don’t misunderstand me, I am happy the child is safe and was not injured…but did Harambe have to die?
    Katt Williams explain animals’ thinking brilliantly:

    Parents, watch your children…especially at the Zoo. The whole incident could have been prevented. The child would not have had to go to the hospital, and who knows what long term effects the child will suffer mentally. He may be afraid of animals, water, Gorillas…only time will tell. If this child was supervised more responsibly, Harambe would not have been killed.
    Just sad all the way around.