My First Hangover

I was sitting here thinking about my college days and the first time I had a hangover came 2 mind.
I went to a frat party and was offered a Zima. I don’t know if you remember Zimas, they are like a clear beer..taste pretty ok and don’t seem threatening at all.

Well, there was of course a keg there. I tried my luck with that, then continued to drink Zimas. I had over 4..not sure how many exactly. I mostly remember not “feeling anything” which is why I keep on drinking.

Finally, I was ready to go. I left the party with my friends and went to look for my boyfriend at the time. I was no doubt drunk. I was walking zig zagged and even sat in the middle of campus where cars can drive! That is when one of my friends decided to get my boyfriend. I remember saying , ” I don’t care, get him!!” I was sitting in the middle of campus still when he walked over to me. He demanded I get up. “Who are you??!! I sit where I please!” My boyfriend yanked me up and walked me to his room to try and lay me down. I argued all the way..telling him I was grown, I could go to my own room, blah blah blah. I was so loud dorm security came to his room and asked if everything was alright. My boyfriend told them yes and shut the door.
As I tried to lye down, everything begin to spin!!! I felt like I was on a merry go round and was trying to hold on to the bed. My boyfriend shook his head and passed me a trash can…needless to say, I got rid of all of those Zimas!!! This was in the 90’s I have not had one since!!!!

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