Do Pretty Girls Have Problems?

Do Pretty Girls Have Problems?
Before U start with the “O…U are pretty…you’re cute”etc. Let’s be clear. I am talking the GORGEOUS chicks, U know, the ones that get thousands of likes and retweets..the ones that have the perfect body, beautiful face, pretty hair..yeah those chicks. Yes, I know most times it is makeup, weave and sometimes, even surgery. But they are the ones that get the “likes” the retweets, the shares, the comments..the guys that are willing to do almost anything for their attention., almost anything to please them.
I just saw a few beautiful women I follow on post some gorgeous pictures. As I stared at their pics, I thought “Wow, how pretty she is!”;then wondered, does she have problems? I don’t mean the every day, run of the mill problems…I’m talking the type of issues that regular chicks like myself go through. I have no problem finding a man, never did. I know I’m not the bottom of the food chain when it comes to being “sought out”, but let’s face it., I’m no ones top either. I know for a fact if I looked like even half of these chicks, things would be much different for me. There would be more of a “I don’t wanna loose her” or “Damn she fine, I can just stare at her all day” type shit.

I know, shallow way of thinking…just my thoughts right now, and times when I don’t feel my “hottest”. Yeah, yeah, it comes from within, blah blah blah.
But let’s be real, those pics that are liked and shared aint coming from “inside”! That shit is all outside shit!! Shit that I wish I could feel even if for 1 day.

What would it be like to post a pic and immediately get retweets and likes and “Girrrrllll!! Yesssss!! Sexy!! Damn Ma“….
Eh, wishful thinking. My body is no where what it used to be after 2 children, 2 C sections…age is setting in..normal life crap.

Yes, we know it comes from within, however, it comes from the outside too. And for once…even for one day, Id like 2 be Beautiful…just to see if pretty girls have problems too.

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