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    Barbara Walters made me cry.

    Friday was Barbara Walters’ last day on “The View”. She will still be the executive producer, but she will no longer co-host.

    Barbara Walters journey is interesting, starting from the beginning her of her career in 1962 with co-host Hugh Downs-who wasn’t too thrilled about sharing the spotlight, let alone with a woman.
    barb Many became more familiar with her work on ABC’s 20/20, then in 1997, she created “The View”.

    So how did Barbara Walters, known for making people cry during her interviews make ME cry? By reminding me why I went to college and majored in Journalism in the first place. Towards the end her last day of “The View” Friday, the great Oprah Winfrey was there to thank Barbara Walters for inspiring her career and introduced great, impressionable, memorable ladies who came to send Barbara Walters love, well wishes and gratitude through their tears and hugs. I didn’t realize just how many wonderful women we have in the field of Journalism: Katie Couric (60 Mintues. Today and now her own talk show, Katie),Diane Sawyer(one of my favorite journalists, was once a member of President Richard Nixon’s staff, Good Morning America and ABC World News), Jane Pauly(Today, Dateline NBC), Joan Lunden(Television host, Good Morning America), Connie Chung(Television news anchor, interviewer and wife of Maury Povich), Robin Roberts(whom I wanted to be like when I first majored in Journalism, ESPN, Good Morning America),Kathie Lee Gifford(before there was Regis and Kelly, there was Regis and Kathie Lee, Name that Tune, Today), Maria Shriver(not just a Kennedy and wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, NBC news correspondent) and Lisa Ling(The View, National Geographic,) and many more were there, standing in line hugging a tearful Barbara Walters.
    “…These are my legacy” Barbara Walters said about the women. “A Bientot“, French for “see you later” -are the words what Barbara Walters chose instead of the word “goodbye”, after giving the world some of the best Journalism and interviews for over 50 years.

    “When all of that is done, I can take sometime an enjoy my view”-Barbara Walters

  • Quit Smoking!

    Posted on by admin

    I have noticed many of my friends trying to quit smoking cigarettes lately.  It’s a habit I cannot relate to..my addictions are simple, Music, hair, Prince, Candy Crush..being as though I never smoked, I cannot give advice or any tips on how to quit.

    I tried to puff a cigarette once when I was about 10 or 11. My mother went to the bathroom and left her cigarette in the ashtray. Curiosity cause me to pick it up and take a puff. Was I ever sorry I did that!! I choked so bad, to this day I can’t believe my mom didn’t notice the expression on my face when she returned from the bathroom. Needless to say, I never even attempted to try again. Besides tasting and smelling nasty, I just couldn’t handle it!

    Growing up, I remember listening to my mother cough. She had this horrible, nasty cough every night..so bad sometimes she would vomit. I used to beg her to quit smoking. She always said it was too hard of a pattern to break- maybe because she has been smoking since she was a teenager. It was a habit that seemed to calm her nerves and helped her cope with things as well as something social to do with her friends. One day, frustrated night after night with listening to her nagging cough, I flushed a pack of her cigarettes down the toilet. However, I soon regretted that decision!  Besides her almost killing me, she only went out and bought another pack.

    My grandmother often teased my mom and called her a “chain smoker”, saying she wasn’t “really inhaling” only taking quick puffs and putting it out, then lighting another one. Ultimately smoking at least a pack a day.

    That cough continued for many many years..fast forward to today..my mom has stage 4 Cancer in her brain and in her lungs. The once vibrant, active, never-ever sat still fun mommy is now slow, weak, brittle and always tired. It kills me each time I see her.

    So to all my friends and anyone else who is trying to quit., I still don’t have any great advice, I still can’t relate to how tough it is, I can only relate to the possible outcome. Please, please try very hard not to to it.  Stopping just may spare you a little more time on earth-that you can actually enjoy.