Big Brother 20 Finale

Wednesday, September 26 2018 was the Big Brother Season 20 Finale’!!

Your final 3:

I am still beside myself as to how/why JC made it to the final 3. He calls himself the house ‘puppetmaster’…(side eye)

Part one for the final HOH (Head of Household) was physical, Tyler told Kaycee he would let her have that first win and go head to head with JC…however, he won and it was up to Kaycee in part 2.

Part 2 was slightly physical and mental-although JC came close, Kaycee got the victory, which left her to face Tyler, as planned, in the final part of this HOH.

I have to say, this season’s finale was the most boring and the most rushed show to date. (it became clear why it was rushed later in the show) One of the parts I look forward to is the Juror questioning. Dr. (winner of Big Brother 2), questioned the houseguests from the jury, but it was boring and rushed.

The final competition for Tyler and Kaycee was a mental one. Both tied until the very last question, answering everything the same. It came down to a tie breaker where they had to guess a number-which Kaycee came the closest and won the final HOH. She then was faced with the decision to take Tyler or JC to the final 2. Kaycee chose Tyler. Many (including me) thought this was a big mistake and she solidified herself for 2nd place. I honestly do not think Tyler would have taken Kaycee to final 2.

JC was the final eviction, he joined the houseguests, stating that he remained loyal and always defended Tyler. Host Julie Chen Moonves used this time to catch up on the 3 showmances! Yes, 3!! Angela and Tyler, Haleigh and Faysal and of course, Bayleigh and Swaggy. Perhaps the biggest moment of the evening and why the show was so rushed, was the unexpected proposal from Swaggy to Bayleigh. Of course she said yes! However, social media was NOT happy with realizing this proposal was more than likely the reason for the ‘rushed’ show.

The final vote for which houseguest will win the first prize of $500,000 came down to Bayleigh-who many felt was bitter toward Tyler for her exit..needless to say she voted for Kaycee. I was very surprised Kaycee won! I thought Tyler would still get the votes, but I think their answers during the jury questioning (although rushed) swayed any undecided jurors vote. The last prize was for America’s Favorite Player , who I was for sure Sam or Haleigh would get. But, it came down to Brett, Tyler and Haleigh. America chose Tyler! Tyler was so overcome with emotion, he cried stating he thought “America hated” him. It even got to me and made me cry…it was the first time I saw Tyler and not the ‘Big Brother player’. Very humbling and a great way to end the show.

Julie Chen Moonves announced Big Brother will be returning for season 21, looking now for the next houseguests…she never stated though whether she will return as host, due to the allegations of sexual assault from her husband from women who came forward. (She has already stepped down from The Talk).

Celebrity Big Brother will return for season 2…details and date: TBA
Big Brother is a CBS broadcast around the end of June thru end of September.

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