911 Uber App?

Billions of people use and rely on Uber. I have never used Uber and have always for some reason been hesitant and this story didn’t help any.

Uber recently announced adding a panic button to the app in case of emergency, where riders can easily contact 911. A university law professor of Denver, Nancy Leong, used an Uber for a ride to the airport. However, the driver said he was, “taking her to a hotel” instead! Leong said the Uber driver would not unlock the doors despite her yelling demands for him to do so. She banged on the window and luckily, caught the attention of some construction workers. The Uber driver finally unlocked the doors but also got out of the car and walked towards Leong! Thankfully, the car began to roll (the brakes weren’t on) and the Uber driver got back in the car then got away.

The driver (who Leong stated did not look like the picture in the Uber App), has been suspended.

Uber is teaming with Rapid SOS, a tech-emergency response, https://rapidsos.com/ . Denver will be the first to acces this app this summer. This will connect the passenger to an emergency dispatcher and the location of the Uber driver will show.

According to the Denver post, last year the Denver Colorado Public Utilities Commission hit Uber with a 8.9 million dollar fine because over 50 Uber drivers with felony records or vehicle offenses were hired. This only solidifies my concern with Uber and why I still prefer Cabs!

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