31 questions

I saw these questions on Nicki Minaj’s Twitter and thought it would be fun to answer them myself

1. Who’s the last person U held hands with? My guy 🙂
2. R U outgoing or shy? Depends on where I am. An unfamiliar place/people…I’m shy. Familiar place/people…not shy
3. Who R U looking forward to seeing? My son, who is still sleep lol
4. R U easy 2 get along with? Depends on who U ask. I think I am, however, if I see bullshit or feel hurt, I am calling U out on it…some cannot handle that
5. If U were drunk, would the person U like take care of U? Yes
6. What kind of people R U attracted 2? People with a sense of humor. Ones that don’t take everything to heart and someone that is a good person and drug free
7. Do U think you’ll be in a relationship 2 months from now? With the man I’m with now, yes
8. Who’s on your mind? My mommy. I miss and think of her almost every moment of the day
9. Does talking about sex make U uncomfortable? Not at all
10. Who was the last person U had a deep conversation with? My guy 🙂
11. What does the most recent text U sent say? “kool”
12. What R my 5 Favorite songs right now? “Barbie Tingz”-Nicki M., “Long As I live
-Toni B., “Ape Shit”-Beyonce’ N Jay Z, “Booed up”-Ella Mai, and “I’m Upset”-Drake
13. Do U like when people play in your hair? When “he” does it, yes. Not just anyone
14. Do U believe in luck and miracles? More miracles than luck…but yes
15. What good thing happened this summer? Kinda too personal 2 share here 😉
16. Would U kiss the last person U kissed again? Yes
17. Do U think there is life on other planets? Yes, not people necessarily tho
18. Do U still talk 2 your first crush? Nope
19. Do U like bubble baths? Love them!!!
20. Do U like your neighbors? They’re kool 🙂
21. What R your bad habits? Cussing, yelling, licking my lips, being too forgiving with certain people
22. Where would U like 2 travel? Bahamas, Jamaica, Hawaii, London, Los Angeles……
23. Do U have trust issues? If the person has broken it before and was caught in a lie….yes.
24. Favorite part of your daily routine? Putting on eye makeup
25. What part of your body R U most comfortable with? My breasts
26. What do U do when U wake up? I lay there awhile, think., thank God 4 another day, check on my kids and my guy, then proceed in the bathroom
27. Do U wish your skin was lighter or darker? Neither..I’m happy with my complexion
28. Who R u most comfortable around? Honestly, myself. I do not have 2 explain anything lol
29. How many of your ex’s told U they regret breaking up? Every single one of them lol. Some still tell me that 2 this day!
30. Do U ever want 2 get married? I used 2. There was a time I dreampt of it…now…maybe because I’m older..it’s like whatever. I do regret never being married tho, but thankful I was even asked. Some women never even been asked.
31. Is your hair long enough for a ponytail? Yes

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