Recently, at the Southwest National Primate Research Center,( ) located in San Antonio Texas, 4 Baboons escaped. The facility holds over 1000 Baboons and these 4 were a part of a group of 133 males not being used for testing. There are walls that fold inward so the baboons can’t jump out; But these 4 clever Baboons rolled a 55 gallon barrel (filled with grains), climbed on top and got out over the wall and pass the fence.

The researchers however, quickly was aware, chased the Baboons, caught them and safely returned them to the enclosure. Many on social media felt like the Baboons were tired of being subjected to medical experiments, and was hoping the escapees weren’t found., however, in less than an hour 3 baboons were found-the 4th not long after on his own.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (aka PETA ), has found that since 2011, The US Dept. of Agriculture ( ) has cited the SNPRC many times for “animal welfare related issues” which included deaths from adults to a baby Baboon.

Hopefully, the Baboons and all animals for that matter, held in this place or anywhere in the world where they aren’t free, handlers will ensure love, comfort and safety.

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